Value Your Trade With Us

When you're ready to buy a new vehicle, you should look to your old one as a trade-in to cut down on the money you have to take out for a loan. We give you a fair price for your old vehicle even if you're not buying a new one from us. But if you are, we'll help you find the right model. Plus, we have online tools that make learning what your vehicle could be worth easy. It's a lot quicker to trade in your vehicle to us near Concord than it is to sell on your own, too.

How We Near Concord Make Trading-In Easier Than Selling On Your Own

When you sell on Facebook Marketplace or a similar site, you have to make the listing, but the time investment doesn't end there. First, you must clean up the vehicle, so it's ready for someone else, and you have to wait for someone to respond to your advertisement. You should also be aware that some people won't show up for your appointment, some might give you a lowball offer, and others will decide that the vehicle isn't for them. When you take your vehicle to Preston's Kia near Montpelier, we'll do that work for you.

We'll Facilitate a Hassle-Free Sale and Trade Process

Choose our dealership in Montpelier when you're ready to find a fair price for your old vehicle. You can use our online trade-in tool to learn about how much your model is worth. Type in the make, mileage, year, and other features to get a general idea. Then, when you need a definite price point, bring your vehicle to us near Montpelier. You'll get to talk to our sales team about your options for a new car and take a model on a trip around Montpelier, too.